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Sydney’s comments about her shoot:

from the midwest i grew up in a big family

i have two sisters and a brother

we used to take a trip to see my grandparents every summer

ive been dancing since i was little..i taught myself

i did ballet when i was little…i love performing

i liked the different outfits and i learned balance

i like being seen

i like designing things and putting things together

one day i want to be a designer and draw up my future home

my favorite color is pink

for fun i like shopping and playing with my dog in the park

i like animals

i like to read and watch tv too

im french and irish

i speak a little spanish

i took spanish for three years in high school

i love warm weather and swimming

my favorite place to be is florida or on any beach

i like to ride bikes and go boating…anything outside is fun really

im shy a lot

i love comedy, drama, and love stories/movies

i like the notebook

i read all three fifty shades of grey books..theyre openly explicit and provocative

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