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Skyler’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, I’m originally from Burnsville MN but I’m staying in San Diego because I have friends there and I wanted to start working for porn companies. My manager set me up with this website first doing solo so that I could get some experience and he said to see what kind of sized dicks I can take. At least according to the owner of the website I’m able to take big dicks so does that mean interracial porn I guess? I’m happy to be out of Minnesota its just cold and the people are too conservative and I’m more sexual and my jobs were at restaurants making low pay so I can make a lot more money this way. Also the guys in San Diego are cuter than those in MN. I lost my virginity late compared to a lot of my friends but haven’t stuck to any boyfriends or anything so I’ve been with all sorts of guys. I’m not shy about meeting some cute hot men not boys in the porn industry!

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