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Sierra’s comments about her shoot:

Good morrow FTV’ers.

My name is Sierra, and this is my opportunity to tell you who I really am (finally). It doesn’t matter where I was born, or where I was raised. When people ask me that question, I tell them that I am from the Universe. Attending fourteen schools on both sides of the railroad tracks taught me that as different as a culture may seem, we are all one at the core. So I am not going to waste my time describing the petty details of life to you. I don’t want to share small talk with you, like every other pornstar or acquaintence or business partner. I want to be your best friend. I want to reach into your chest and play your heart strings like a guitar. I could tell you that I have written poetry since the age of 12, or that I have a knack for guessing people’s astrology signs. But I don’t believe that would be the best way of conveying to you the deepest intricacies of my soul. I could tell you that I have a 3.7 GPA in college, that I aspire to be a Fortune Teller, or that I am deeply in love with the most awe-inspiring being I have ever met. But would you really care? Would you raise a thought of listening to me if I told you I truly care about people, including you? Is there any reason I should present my vision for a self-sustaining world in this essay? If at least one of my viewers reads this, it is worth it to me. So here goes nothing.

I have navigated the pathways of your heart,

Swimming in the red tunnels of passion, life.

Like reading a book twice, I digress and restart-

Once again searching desperately for meaning in strife.

If equality is real then what is it in you?

What is it that makes us search for husband and wife?

If the oneness I know and hold dearly to be true

Is to be upheld through the pure divine web

Then by declaring you God I have not a clue;

Perhaps monogamy is an attempt at such a step

Towards the total unity through one small tie;

What would there be to this life if the land was but a steppe?

Only in our hearts resides something more;

There is a profound existence at the care.