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Shea’s comments about her shoot:

Well, my name is Shea. My dad was a HUGE NY Mets fan, so he named me after their stadium that he grew up sneaking into. I was a lot more into volleyball and yoga than baseball, but in high school, when I became a cheerleader, I learned a lot about football, too. My family moved to California when I was young, the air was good for my grandmother’s health. So, although I do enjoy snowboarding, I’ve never been much for cold climates. Between Roosevelt Lake at my aunt’s in Arizona for the summer, and the great weather in San Diego, playing volleyball at Pacific Beach, I’ve never really had to wear many clothes, except when the situation demanded it. I love cooking, so much so that I worked hard to get into the Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy. It is a wonderful school, and I learned so much!

My other passion is art. Painting or drawing is a huge stress reliever when the day/night gets tough and all i feel like doing is unwinding and becoming lost within my imagination. I tend to paint a lot of still life which is when someone volunteers to be your model and usually will stay posed for a certain amount of time until your session is over and when i don’t have a model for the day, I improvise by simply finding a few random objects laying around and test my self by setting a short time, not picking up my pen, or not being allowed to look at my piece of paper until time is up and turning what i thought was only a brain teaser, into a creative piece and learning different techniques.

Occasionally, I’ll take a walk somewhere relaxing or adventurous to take pictures of different life events that excite me or purposely become lost within nature so that i can fully enhance my self by feeding my brain with all the beauty we tend to neglect every once and awhile. Then have the pictures enlarged, printed, and framed. That way I’m creating two pieces at once by using the image to paint a whole new piece in its own unique way but also having the original next to the abstract version to compare and let others criticizes and find a voice for them selves by letting them know that its okay to have other opinions and express how they feel as long as you either learn from it or find expectance and security to stay as is or turn another cheek and maybe go exploring. Criticism was an issue for me up until collage where i finally noticed my outer and inner beauty i held and that made me who i am today.

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