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Photographer’s comments about this shoot:

It was Sasha who reached to me, through another model’s referral. It was somewhat her idea/fantasy to do a ‘porno’ with a photographer they could trust, who wouldn’t try to get sexual with them. The more I got to know of their personality, I realized that yes, they really are not into men at all. Its almost hard-wired in them. Just talking about having sex with a man seems to turn them off; and even at some points I felt somewhat uncomfortable with giving them directions, how to pose etc… They seemed to be very into each other, but not as much into giving that attention to the camera, and Victoria was quite a bit more timid about the whole shoot in general. I can’t say the shoot was easy to do, and even with parts like the oral sex, or masturbation it was difficult to direct them to allow me to shoot it properly, so I let it run ‘naturally’ as they did their thing. So I did my best not to interefere with their flow. Capturing those ‘orgasmic’ contractions were impossible, and I don’t think they even knew what missionary was. Also notice how tight/unused their vaginas are, effectively never having anything but a few fingers inside them… ever. That long dildo was massive to their standards, and really pushed their limits. Their way of sex seems to be going down on each other… whenever they can, and anywhere. They did get to discover some really cool new vibrators, and the orgasms that came with it. Victoria squirted for the first time, and you can see that first ‘drip’ fall around 3:25 on clip 5, along with those contractions. She’s the quiet one for sure, and you can tell Sasha’s the dominant girl even though she’s the short one.

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