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Saraya’s comments about her shoot:

I love traveling, and so far have been to more then 25 different countries. I also have a passion for learning languages, I am currently studying Russian as well as Arabic. Education is very important to me, I am in the process of completing my Masters in Science. In the near future I plan to go to Law school, but studying for my Lsats sucks. When I’m not doing a ton of school stuff I love cooking. I can cook anything from Japanese to Russian. My favorite thing to make is Shepardspie because it takes 20 minutes but fills everyone up for almost the whole day/night! I love hiking, going out with friends and smoking shisha. Although deep down I’m a huge nerd who loves Chess, video games and is currently trying to “catch em all” one Pokeball at a time.

I grew up in a very religious and conservative house hold, so when I moved away for college I got to finally be myself. I used to be very shy and awkward until I graduated from high school and got my headgear off. Growing up in the east coast was differnt for a quiet persian girl. I felt really differnt from everyone else and constantly dreamed about moving away and becoming Sucessful in a big city with lots of palm trees. Ironically that dream seemed to come true as of today!

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