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Riley’s comments about her shoot:

Hi Guys! My name is Riley, Im 22 and from the beautiful mountains of WNC. I’ve been doing mostly artistic nude modeling for a couple years now and recently started shooting more erotic style.
I dream of being on penthouse cover and modeling for playboy! Modeling for Playboy has been a dream ever since i was youger watching Girls Next Door lol. My man crush is Steph Curry from the golden state warriors!!! He is so verrrryyyyyyy fine and sexyyyy! Wished that i was his wife instead and had his babiess lol! My hobbys are hiking, swimming, shopping, and cooking. I aslo enjoy being lazy at home doing not much of anything! I love to netflix and chill with my boyfriend, we are currently rewatching all the Game Of Thrones series! I sometimes like to workout while at home, i do yogo and pilates. Sometimes when im not at home Im mostly traveling and modeling! My favorite place is San Franciso, Im hopfully moving close to that area soon.Im also a medical patirnt in California! i love blowing my modeling money on a whole bunch of top shelf stuff such as bud, wax, and edible. Im like a little kid in the candy store every time. Id like to eventually go to college for business/hospitality and culinary after moving. In high school I took a ProStart class where we competed agaist other schools in culinart and business managment, we one 1st place in culinary and 2nd in bussiness managment. I loved it. Would like to pick up on some pole dancing classes, i think it would be sexy to know some pole tricks and a great workout! Also I also NEED one or two Fur babies, of course adobt or resuce. My long term goal is to eventually settle down and start a family with my boyfriend. Maybe adopt or foster children later on in the future.

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