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Natalie’s comments about her shoot:

Hello everyone, my name’s Natalie knight. I’m a 19 year old woman from the east coast with a family that consists of three, my mom, stepdad, and me! I grew up in a small town, In North Carolina, where I developed interests in many things like music, film, and everything that has to do with nature. Music and film are just a few things that I admire, I’m very much into the rap and indie when it comes to music, and with film, I’m a big horror fan. Throw on any scary movie and I’m stuck on the couch with my blanket so close to my eyes that when a scary scene comes on I can quickly cover my eyes to keep me safe. Nature on the other hand would probably be more than an interest and more like something I find beautiful and breathe taking, our world is everything to be, from the people and animals all the way down to the tiny pieces of grass.

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