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Natalie’s comments about her shoot:

HI everyone, my name is Natalie. I am from Round Rock, Texas and its been absolutely wonderful spending my time here in Phoenix, AZ.

I love to do alot of outdoor activities, i am a firm believer that health and fitness is essential to a happy life so i try to workout and stay fit as much as possible. That being yoga, running, hiking and the classic weight lifting. Things i really enjoy doing for fun is reading, freelance painting, and working with animals.

If im not glued to my cell phone ill be working out, reading a good book or spending quality time with friends and family. An aspiration of mine that ive always dreamed of would be becoming a veterinarian and help save animals’ lives. I am a huge movie lover! Although i do like to spend my spare time outdoors, i really enjoy staying in and binge watching movies. I have a vast variety of many genres whether it be books, music or movies, from classics to basic moderns. I love to try different foods, so because i try to always stay active my metabolism is very high resulting in me always eating…like all the time. Coffee is definitely my fix, gotta have it just about every day, some might say i am addicted but at least is legal.

I’d really like to help people and animals as much as i possibly could one day, its another aspiration of mine. I’ve done volunteer work at food pantrys and running marathons to help spread awareness for several different things. One of my favorites mightve been volunteering at a nursing home, it was a really interesting experience. I had a ton of fun working with the elderly and playing bingo with them, they all had such awesome personalities and great senses of humor. Although there were some who were just grumpy and hated the world but who could blame them, they’re spending their dying days with a bunch of old people like themselves rather than any family. Kudos to those who make the most of it though.

I have a huge soft spot for children and get along with them very well. I spent alot of time babysitting and being a nanny during the time i was in highschool for extra cash and i just loved it. Babies and puppies are definitely my weakness.

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