Myra and Sylvie

Photographer’s comments about this shoot: With Myra returning, two of our supercute teen FTV favorites get to come back and experience each other! Both with beautiful, pink pussies and sexy figures, we get to explore them together as they touch and taste each others’ privates. We first see them at a pretty resort, wearing cute summer dresses and heels, teasing each other, showing off their butts, and then kissing and […]


Sylvie II

Sylvie’s notes about her shoot: I’m happy to be back! And I’m getting busy with onlyfans with my friend Vixxy where we make some videos together. I’ll bring her to shoot next time I come by. I haven’t had any real dick because I broke up with my bf last month so I’m tighter now but I’m looking forward to fucking again without any boyfriend holding me back. I will […]