River Returns

River’s comments about her shoot: Hey guys! I’m here on break from college in my final year! I’m so excited to almost be done with college but I’m even more excited to be shooting for FTV again! Recently I’ve spent my time running around at night will all of the frat boy on campus, seducing some sorority girls here and there, and sending way more nudes than I probably should! […]



River’s comments about her shoot: Hi I’m River Lynn the newbie! I’m from Tampa Florida and I love the beach. One beach I’ve always wanted to visit is Belize. I am 20 years old and not turning 21 until May 3 next year, yes I’m a Taurus and yes I’m spicy. I’m 5’7 with a size 10 shoe! I wear medium sized clothes usually a size 6 and have a […]