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Liz’s comments about her shoot:

I did a lot of sexual things for the website today, things I didnt even know there was a fetish for! I wanted to start with something very light because it is so hot in AZ so I picked out an orange themed shoot. Just orange panties, orange butterflies, and pretty orange heels that the photographer graciously donated. I masturbated out there in this pretty place but sorry if I’m not a good dancer. I think the big dildo I used wore me out early and made me quite a bit sore because I’ve never fucked anything big like that. I’ve been with a guy who was 8 inches I think but hes nothing like this toy. The anal toys were strange but fun to try once but I think that my favorite part were the pictures and what I experienced with the photographer off camera. I’m not sure if Im supposed to talk about it but read between the lines I guess. I would love to come back for many reasons. Vote for me!

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