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Lindsey’s comments about her shoot:

My name is Lindsey and I am a very energetic and joyful girl. I grew up in a small town and had a lot of animals. My mother always taught me that animals have feelings and she raised us on a plant based diet. I loved my golden retriever named Rusty and he was my best friend. In my preteen years I was a skater girl and I hung out with mostly boys learning all the “cool stuff” and how to dress. I remember the first time I took a big fall off my skateboard and sprained my ankle but I tried to play it off and be tough. I always tried to be the tough one and look cool but when you get older you realize how silly you look sometimes. Currently I still love and enjoy my pets I now have 4 cats and a dog named Calvin. I love working out, going for hikes, swimming, and travelling the best. I never liked sitting still and to this day I cannot just sit home and do nothing or else I get bored quickly and find something to do or clean. If I have a lot of free time I’ll cook new pastry recipes and try out new foods but I spend a lot of time outside and doing things with my dog or in nature.

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