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Videographer’s comments about Leyla’s shoot:

Through an indirect connection of a mutual friend of hers who knows Violet of FTV (this year) and whom they go out with to events like ‘Electric Daisy Conference’ Leyla found herself interested in trying out a shoot for FTV. She’s never done any adult work before, and at 22 years of age she never thought she would. She’s really cute, a blue eyed ‘girl next door’ type that is also gifted with a nice figure and that full butt many of you like. She’s part Polish and Italian, and along with being Jewish I’m pretty sure that’s why we don’t see any tattoos on her. Which is refreshing… Meeting her early in the day, she was wearing what you see on the start of the shoot. We wanted to go to a public place and introduce her, and bring out her personality with a bit of public nudity. In her cute white top, you can see some nice cleavage under there, and those short jean shorts show off a firm, flawless and full butt. Cute sandals too, showing off those pretty feet of hers. At a grocery store, she’s introduced, then flashing her breasts, followed by an interview out at a sitting area with a lot of people around. Everyone seems curious as to what I’m shooting, and we manage to get some inbetween the leg shots as well as breast & butt flashing. I have her go topless in the parking area, then go fully nude drawing more attention. She does get nervous doing it, but at the same time enjoys it all. At home, I let her masturbate her way, with her fingers, but in her nervousness wants a vibrator. It brings her to orgasm, though initially I didn’t notice it, and thought she hadn’t. Through editing the shoot I spotted it. You see the vaginal contractions on orgasm around 3:45 on clip 2. A second angle camera also gives you a second view of her masturbation. She gets a little more playful after that, and opens up the camera some more. Also notice how wet she is when she sticks her finger in her. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, and her trying to insert four fingers. Some penetration play with the vibrator to see how deep she can go as well. We’re then back out in this insane heat (late June, 108 degrees) to get some more public/fashion shooting. She had several nice dresses that all showed off her butt (and tended to hike up her butt as she walks) and my favorite was this tan dress with the wedges. We went out to a tourist area, got her giving upskirt views and flashing, and drew attention of the construction workers. We did also draw the attention of the cops, as they drove by to ‘investigate’ as you can see in the background of the photoshoot. Fortunately for us, it looks like a fashion shoot on the surface. Still, the seethrough effect showing off her butt is incredible, and she gets fully naked for a while too, risking it some more. Back home, she ends up using the cucumbers she bought at the grocery store, using the long one to ride and go deep, the thick one to penetrate and push her vaginal limits.