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Kami’s comments about her shoot:

Hey there, hi there hoe! I’m Kami (with an I not a Y! How about I give you a little back story for explaining how I fell right into your hands… No pun intended. Hehe. Mkay, so I’m originally from the suburbs of Northeastern Ohio! Throughout middle school and high school I played tennis! I attended a Christian/catholic school. For tennis, I had a private coach throughout high school (who was super hot) and I always practiced with my daddy. Once I was in high school, I was on the varsity tennis team! I mainly loved being on the tennis team because the dresses were super cute, sexy, and short. Hehe. I love balls! 😉 I prefer them in my mouth, though. J I also cheered all throughout high school and that was a lot of fun and kept my body super sexy. Cheerleading is a sport too! Hehe. I mainly played all the sports that had super cute and sexy uniforms. Anyways! I grew up in complete suburbia; soccer moms, old people, bible thumpers, etc. I went to church every Sunday and was part of a bible study group. But when I went to church all I could think about was fucking the pastor! I didn’t learn much…Hehe. While in Ohio, I went to Kent State University and studied Fashion Merchandising and shortly after moved to NYC on my own to continue studying Fashion Merchandising in Brooklyn. Started wearing less and going out more. 😉

So, yeah! My favorite hobbies are hiking, shopping, running, playing tennis. ANYWAYS, I just do NOT belong in Ohio because everyone there is way too conservative and modest and I am the exact opposite. I’m a fun, petite, tiny, sexy girl that loves to have a good time. Hehe. I ended up moving to Arizona to be a sexy flight attendant but I am very high maintenance and the salary isn’t cutting it for this cutie. I need MORE! I’m a fun-loving girl that just wants to have some sexy, fun times. Tehe. I’m very open and down for experienting and trying new things… I will always go above and beyond anyone’s expectations. 😉 I’m the perfect mixture of cute and sexy. Lowkey an innocent princess, lowkey a bad bitch too. Hehe. I smell like love and taste like sin. I’m sweet as sin. 😉