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Heather’s Comments About Her First Shoot:

Where to start! I’m born and raised in Portland, Oregon, my family is still there, but I’m of German descent. We went to Washington DC for a while and my dad still works very hard at the same company back when I was born. I’m a natural brunette, but I change it back and forth to blonde and I can’t ever decide on what I like best! I can’t change my hair too much because it can damage the roots and I like my thick hair. I was blessed with very little hair on the rest of my body and I take very good care of my skin so its always silky smooth. So I fell in love with my high school sweetheart when I was 16, and we got married when I turned 18. We’ve been together until recently when I finally filed for divorce. Why? Because after 8 years I realized how controlling he is and how he would shelter me from life in general. I don’t even have a drivers’ license or ever driven a car because he wouldn’t let me. Modeling was always my escape from the domestic lifestyle. When we moved to Arizona because he lost his job and we were hoping for a better life, it didn’t work out, and my modeling career was what was paying the bills. So when we divorce, I’m not asking him for any money or alimony. Part of the reason why I’m doing this shoot is to make some cash after the divorce process which isn’t cheap. I’ve only had sex with my ex-husband until recently when we moved to divorce, and I’ve only had sex with two other guys since. So yeah, I’ve only had sex with 3 guys in my life, even though I’m 27. Doesn’t mean I’m a prude in bed though. I love giving blowjobs, and I really enjoy getting kinky in bed, like getting tied up, having anal sex, getting rough etc. In this new phase in my life I want to explore new things, have new experiences, drive a car! Doing this shoot is part of this new experience for me.

A Little Bonus, FTV Heather In Some Hardcore Action!

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