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Ginger’s comments about her shoot:

hey guys! i’m starting this stuff and the agent i picked up from la said this would be a good first start to warm me up for porn. i really had a lot of fun here and i guess its important that i get used to bigger dicks and learn to do things with my butt so all of this was training. i really liked how the videos and pictures turned out i didnt even know those big cameras were used anymore i thought its all cell phone. i think im cute i just want to make some money to help pay bills and for braces. i masturbate sometimes but i dont use my clit i need a toy or a dick to hit me hard enough in a sort of way that makes me cum so i don’t need vibrators. i started having sex at 14 and learned to masturbate a lot later. the anal training stuff was hard but i think i did ok for starters. i have some small butt plugs but nothing this big or hard as the glass toy.

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