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Ellie’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, its Ellie! I’m actually running late to get to the airport, but I thought I’d write some things about myself. If you become a fan of mine, maybe you’ll like to know some things about me. I’ve always wanted to do porn but of course when I’m younger I couldn’t talk about it. So when I finally turned 18 I started looking. I got introduced to this website so I could get my feet wet and get pretty photos and the was wonderful by they way! My hair is usually curly, but I straightened it for the shoot since people say I look hotter that way. I also got a nice dress at the photographer’s request, and I was happy he liked it. This new job definitely pays a lot better than my old jobs thats for sure! I worked at Wendy’s a lot, and as a dog groomer helping my dad’s girlfriend. I actually had a lot of fast food jobs. I lived in Ohio for a while but currently live in Texas with my dad, and he’s ok with what I’m doing for now. Not sure how he will feel if I do hardcore but he didn’t get too mad at me for doing FTV. I like my body and how I look, and I love sex and masturbating, so I am looking forward to all the things I’ll be doing in this new career. I’m super sorry about the scar on my butt cheek btw, I sat on a hot curling iron and we even set the shoot back a week because of it until it looked better.

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