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Cora’s comments about her shoot:

Hey guys im cora I am 18 years young I stay in LA I never really wanted to do porn at first I am still feel very weird about it there is lots of new things am learning still! I am very open to anything I am very outgoing funny fun to get along with I am very very awkward on stuff but I try my best to always get through it I never had an orgasm before shocking I never had weird things stuck in me which that was awkward but a very cool experience never had dildos up me I never did anal or stick my finger up my ass the public stuff made me very nervous but am glad I did it people looked at me shocking but I didn’t care it was an experience I never had before. Xo

I really tried my best to have an orgasm, but it just couldn’t! I’ve never had one in my life and I was trying so hard. Maybe I was just nervous or something, idk. But anyways, it still feels really good when I play with myself. I don’t have a bf or anything right now, but I have a guy that I can play with when I want. Finding guys isn’t hard for me lol I went to some school for make-up, so that’s really my passion. Maybe one day I can be professional at that. For right now though, I am happy that I am trying modeling. I really enjoy taking pictures and being naked. I love clothes, but I just love being naked. I’m usually naked at home when I am by myself, as long as no family is home!

I think FTV was a good place for me to start. I was really nervous about shooting my frist porn movie. I do watch stuff online, but its different when I am in it myself! Its fun though, and I woud love to do it again.! XOXO

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