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Photographer’s comments about Claire’s shoot:

When Claire arrived for her shoot, she was very shy/timid, and very quiet — not much of a talker and I had to keep the conversation going, no matter how minimal. Interesting discoveries, how she was a virgin just a month before, only had sex with two guys, her ‘condition’ and other things… She sent this photo of herself that made me want to shoot her: #1. In person, she is definitely bashful and quiet, so the entire shoot I had to bring out her personality with conversation, which meant me doing a lot of talking on camera. I know members don’t like that, but otherwise it would have been a robotic silent film. We started on location at a hippie like place that fit her style, with teasers, upskirt & downblouse, then going home for her to masturbate. With the Magic Wand Toy right over her vagina, its hard to see the orgasmic contractions, but she does genuinely orgasm of course. The second masturbation video is a little clearer on that, but she isn’t very emotive in any way to make the shoot that interesting. She has a very sexy slim figure though, with a really nice butt and breasts on that tall, slender frame. Nice to see not tattoos either, which was a big factor in me shooting her. I ended the shoot early, because, frankly, I ran out of things to do that would be interesting to viewers!

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