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Photographer’s comments about Chloe’s shoot:

A lot of members have been asking if she could come and shoot, requesting that she do fisting videos, as she is potentially ‘extreme’. A sweet and personable girl in real life, she has a relaxed and calm personality with a desire to push her limits when it came to her FTV shoot. Of course, she is gorgeous, tattoo-free and tall/leggy looking like a Victoria’s Secret model. So a must-have for a fashion shoot intro. The white dress and heels give her a very angelic look, and so we head to a resort locale to start. She then uses the lube bottle (her idea) to fuck herself, going surprisingly deep, then fisting herself vaginally. She has no shyness about peeing in public, and goes right for it after fisting. Back home, she puts on a cute top and panties, which matches those aquamarine eyes for a pretty photoshoot, then masturbation to orgasm with the Magic Wand toy. The first orgasm wasnt very visible, so she did it a second time in a clearer position. She then gives us closeups of her privates, very pretty clit, long labia stretching and showing off that cherry blonde pubic hair. Right back to fisting, she goes as deep as she can, and she claims to enjoy it. Once her hand stretched her vagina out, she’s ready for the FTV Monster Toy, which takes some practice getting in, but eventually she takes 2/3 of it in her deep. Notice the belly bulge when it goes deep. Then some multi-toy stuffing, getting three toys vaginally, with some really nice gaping at the end. Notice the ‘bubbles’ as she moves her vagina muscles. The pressure again makes her do another strong pee session.

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