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Videographer’s Comments:

Chloe is from the UK and is what is termed an ‘Essex Girl’ through and through. Chloe is a popular ‘glamour’ model and openly admits to having a love of ‘toys’ – or ‘dicks’ as she jokingly refers to her rather large collection of dildos and vibrators. When I asked chloe to come to Portugal to shoot for FTV I asked her to bring a large suitcase with as many ‘dicks’ as she could pack. To save embarrasing other passengers at baggage check we agreed that she would check her bab into the aeroplane hold rather than carrry it on-board! Chloe doesn’t disappoint. She arrives at our local railway station with a range of dildos and vibrators and proceeds to give us a guided tour right there on the station platform! Arriving at the villa Chloe wastes no time. To relieve the stress of travel she spends some private time with a vibrator with a clit stimulator. We peek through her bedroom door as she entertains herself – but we get caught! Chloe invites us in to her room for a better view. Some great clit stimulation close up shots follow as Chloe gives us a taste of things to come…
Chloe enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Some vegetable shopping is called for. We follow Chloe at a local farmer’s market – selecting a suitable Zucchini! Suitable, that is for some public mischief as Chloe sneeks away to a back street to show us what can be done with this most curious of vegetables! Theres a bathroom scene where Chloe introduces us to the first of 2 glass dildos that she’s brought along to the shoot.
It’s a very warm three days that Chloe spends in the Algarve. A brief spell in the sun requires Chloe to wear her favourit bikini. ‘It’s my favourite because it shows of my camel toe!’ Chloe explains. Chloe lets her fingers do the talking in the rest of this clip. We meet Chloe’s other glass toy in the next clip. I had previuosly photographed Chloe in the luxury lingerie she wears for this scene. Chloe browses a magaxine looking for ‘inspiration or stimulation’ She finds a suitable picture (of a girl) and enjoys some additional ‘stimulation from her second glass friend. Chloe stops (only just) short of a full orgasm – but gets pretty heated none the less! She’s saving herself for her favourite vibrator. Her ‘wand always does the trick. Chloe wears another stunning lingerie set. Waking up from an afternoon ‘nap’ she reaches for this vibrator – having promised that this little beauty always gets her ‘off’!. Theres a fun video clip of Chloe and her ‘Stick on Dick’ I had asked Chloe to bring this with a specific movie scene in mind. Chloe had a better idea. This voyeuristic video and picture set is bound to please! I certainly enjoyed shooting it!

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