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Cass’s comments about her shoot:

im part cuban, scottish, german, and irish! I grew up in a middle class christian household. both my parents are amazing and wonderful human beings. i love them so much. they both know i do porn and love me very much! my parents raised me to be a polite, considerate, caring and thoughtful person. others first!! personally im not having kids, but if i did, I would raise them just like my parents raised me.

i lost my virginity a few days before my 18th birthday with my steady bf at the time. I used to hate my body. I would think about it all the time and how i wanted to be better and prettier and have bigger boobs. but then one day it hit me, none of that shit matters!! and from that day forward, i learned to love myself, and my body, just the way it is. : )

my most memorable sex act is the time a guy and i were about to get it on, and he took my panties off, smelled them, and then sucked on my toes! it was wild, unexpected, and i loved it! i have many unfufilled fantisies, but being in porn makes them a reality! every day on set is a new experience and i love it. what i look for in a lover is someone who is strong, rough hands, i love to be thrown around like a doll haha so the stronger you are, the better. i dont think of anything when i masterbate, im usually watching porn ; )

a few talents of mine include singing, i took 7 years of classical voice training. dancing, i took 16 years of dance lessons, mainly ballet. 5 years of theatre in school. 4 years of piano, i barely remember any songs but i can still read/write music which im actually really proud of! ok..heres a story you cant tell ANYONE! back in the early years of high school, me and a friend were doing homework at here house when we decided to take a break for a while. we took her dog for a walk to the park, about a half mile away. when we were there i had the sudden urge to REALLY BAD!! so i snuck behind some bushes and dropped my pants. little to my knowledge, i forgot that my cell phone was in my back pocket and as i pulled my pants down my phone fell out and well, you can probably guess what happened next. i peed..RIGHT ONTOP OF MY PHONE! fuck!!!! heres another secret, i had to get a new phone. lol

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