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Carrie’s comments about her shoot:

I was told that I need to write a bio. Where do I begin? Ive never written a bio before but always wanted to because I thought it would make a great book. Seems almost like a lifetime movie. However, I will spare you some of the details.
I grew up in a very small town in Louisiana. I grew up surrounded by Cajun French people. I am in love with the culture. I was born on a December day. My birthmother tossed my to the back of the car as she left the hospital, upset because I wasnt her boy. She had been trying for a boy. I was the third of the seven. My little brother was born after me. Then two sisters. Not sure when the seventh was born because no one knew about him until years later. We were all crack babies. We all had different birthfathers. I went to live with my maternal grandparents at the age of six weeks. My two older sisters lived with the grandparents also.

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