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Carlie’s comments about her shoot:

My name is Carlie, and I really enjoyed my First Time Video shoot today! I had so much fun shooting on location in such pretty places.

Living in Los Angeles, one of my very favorite things to do is going to the beach. I love to relax and sun myself, and also sometimes lay out topless (or even bottomless!) if I have the chance. The sun on my skin and the ocean air always feels so nice.

I think it’s fun to walk around little tidepools and seee the different ocean life that comes in, such as lots of pretty starfish. I also love throwing the tennis ball, or sometimes the football, around as well. With practice, I’m developing a decent arm and pitch!

I love to run along the beach, with waves crashing at my toes. I also enjoy a lot of hiking and exploring new trails, especially ones with a waterfall. I’ve even felt the urge, when hiking along a trail, to go nude and sun myself in the hills of Malibu every now and again — and once a biker rode past… he certainly got a good view, but startled me! I had a good laugh though after I recovered from surprise.

My other favorite way to get active is doing a little yoga a few evenings a week. I’ve been practicing yoga here and there since I was nine years old, and I think it’s a great way to work out. It’s invigorating but can also be strenuous in the best way, and I love feeling stretched out and getting more limber in the process!

One of my other things I enjoy doing in my free time is cooking! I love hot, spicy food and I add cayenne to almost everything — sometimes just to bring out flavors, other times for that really firey taste. I love to make a good pasta dish, but I also love big salads. 🙂

There aren’t very many foods I don’t enjoy, but sometimes French and seafood places are the toughest when eating out, as I’m vegetarian and the options can be limiting (no fish, either!). But I’m certainly not vegan, and couldnt live without butter or cheese.

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