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Callie’s comments about her shoot:

Hey guys, my names Callie Jacobs and I live in the Southwest. On my free time I enjoy hiking. I hope one day I can hike the entire Grand Canyon. I also heard you can ride a donkey through the Canyon, and I’d enjoy that as well. I love cooking. I go to my favorite Italian restaurant near my home at least twice a week. I love writing too, hopefully one day I’m successful enough to publish my own novel. I’ve traveled through plenty of states, and I hope one day I’ll be able to travel to different countries. My dream travel destination would be Europe. In high school I was very friendly towards my other classmates, and I was very active in art and music. I was very outgoing, defiantly a social butterfly throughout my high school days. I’ve always wanted to be a model, all my friends told me I was good enough to be one, so I’m finally perusing my dream and I’m loving this life already! I hope you guy’s enjoy my update. If so, you can follow my twitter account @calliejacobsxxx and my Instagram account @calliejacobsxx.

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