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Blake’s comments about her shoot:

Hi guys! It’s so nice to be back! I have been embracing my inner “Summer Break” by spending half my days in the pool and the other half tutoring summer school. I was an advanced algebra and calculus tutor throughout my later high school years and summer was a crucial time for most kids to make up credits or retake a failed class.

Summer is my favorite time for family gatherings and pool parties! I was always so jealous of my friends who had summer birthdays because they didn’t have school on their special day. But I was so excited to see FTV’s birthday was coming up, so I wanted to do a fun surprise!

I love going night swimming, hiking, and cliff jumping during the summers, especially when it’s followed up with some grilling! My favorite thing to make is grilled pineapple and adding it to a chicken sandwich, accompanied with strawberry lemonade of course.

I make sure I have my sunscreen and a bikini on me at all times, just in case! It’s important I get my daily dose of Vitamin D. 😉

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