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Aubrey’s comments about her shoot:

My dancing job pays well but I wanted to see what porn is all about since I watch it daily when I masturbate. I’m horny, and I like fucking, so why not? This was my first porn job and even though it was solo I still wanted to fuck. But I guess that’s not the topic here. About me, I’m originally from Virginia, but there wasn’t any really good places to dance and make money there so I moved to Pittsburgh with a friend of mine who also did dancing. I did have another mainstream job before which I went to school for as a dental assistant but it didn’t pay much and I got tired of hygenists and dentist hitting on me. But I did come out of it with pretty white teeth and a straight smile! I had just picked up and adopted a stray kitty two weeks before my trip and so I asked if I could bring him, and the photographer was ok with it. Simba my kitty would get in the way in the beginning when I was masturbating, sorry. Its crazy wild to see my squirting on the videos and my body naked in professional pictures, and thinking of how people are going to see me all over the internet gives me goosebumps but in a good way. Imagine when people see me taking dick! My mom & dad don’t know what I plan on doing, but they did know about my dancing and didn’t approve (my aunt found out and told them). I have two sisters, both younger than me so I’m the firstborn and always the responsible one, but I’ve decided to move on and do something fun for my life.

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