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Athena’s comments about their shoot:

Hi there, Im Athena. I am 21 years old and born in phoenix arizona. I was raised half of my life there and the other half in San Antonio, Texas. Where they say everything is bigger, which is true…

Except for the mountains. Those dont exist there. When I was growing up I was always a big animal lover. I was basically the kid who found every stray pet in the neighborhood. I started working with animals when I was 14 years old and I do it to this day, whether its a pet sitting gig, or working part time at a vet clinic. Its a job that I consider a passion. I finished highschool by getting my GED in my junior year. That was due to some bullying that was going on, and at the time I didnt know how to cope so I dropped out. BUT I did get my GED and in my opinion thats just as good.

I love coffee, thats what gets me started in the morning. Just about every starbucks within a 30 mile radius of my condo knows my name and my order. Its a little sad but hey, it makes the line move faster right? I do have to blame my love of coffee on my grandparents. They were the lovely couple who raised me. So you know I have a strong love for 40’s and 50’s music. Throw some disco in there too because my grandpa did rock the afro back then. My biological mother and I have a great relationship now as I’ve gotten older. My biological dad has been out doing his own thing since 1993 so that relationship is void.

I have a little sister who is 10 years old and a little brother whos 20. My cousins are all as close to me as brother and sister are. My uncle is an acquired taste, very tall man. But I dont know where I would be without him. Im very family oriented and I will skip out on a date with a boy to watch frozen with my 10 year old sister. Speaking of boys! I am single, I’m okay with that because I believe you have to find yourself before you find your significant other. I do have 2 cats so everyone calls me the “crazy cat lady” so thats great.. I love to watch movies although I am notorious for falling asleep during them. sadly it even may happen in a theater. Basically no movies after 9pm for me.

Reading is something I also love to do in my past time. Im always reading something. Right now its a book by Steve Harvey and I’ve learned so much about men 😉 Music is probably the most important thing I do in my free time. I play the piano and the guitar, i love to sing. Although if you ask me to, I probably wont because im shy with that whole thing, it’ll just take me a while to be open with that side of me.

My favorite color is blue, although my favorite color to WEAR is red. Which is weird because I’m not a huge girly girl but red is sexy enough and not too girly. My favorite holiday has to be christmas. I think its because everyone seems so happy and festive. Theres lights everywhere and baking becomes super popular which is what I love to do! To be honest.. I’m a better baker than i am a cook. So you wouldnt die in my care, but you may get fat. Im a little terrified of flying and will do everything in my power to take another mode of transportation if I can. I blame my grandpa who is a truck driver. He always drove us all over the country, he too hates airplanes.

I dont watch a lot of television to be honest. I used to. But now if I do its because someone else turned the tv on and theyre watching something. I would rather listen to music, or read my book. I dont have too much free time so staring at a box all day isnt appealing.

Im going to register for classes at the community college in san antonio. Ive changed my mind so much on what I want to be, that I’m going to take a couple classes at a time to make sure I dont make the wrong decision. At this point I’m looking to major into psychology and maybe work with little kids in bad situations.

Today was my first day shooting, and I got the pleasure of doing it with Rob for FTV girls. I went with my cousin Mindy and it wasn’t as awkward as we thought it was going to be. Everything was explained well and poses werent difficult. I honestly think the hardest part was to stop over-thinking everything. It was my first time kissing a female, who happened to be my cousin haha and also i had never used the kind of toys we used in the videos. Which of course were great. It was a long day but very productive and I’m glad Mindy and I had such an easygoing first shoot. Can’t wait to do more!

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