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Angelina’s comments about her shoot:

My first job was working at a local mini golf/ice cream shop. I worked on the mini golf side, which is actually pretty crazy, considering my boss was sexist and gay. It was not a good combination for me. See, I was the only girl working at the golf side at this point, what makes it crazy was that all the other girls worked in the kitchen. How I avoided that occupation will never be known, but I sure am glad I was not making food all day. All the guys scooped ice cream or worked in the golf shack with me, and when I asked if I could scoop ice cream I pretty much got laughed at. Each year all the guys in the golf shack would get a raise… but I never did. There was a little storage unit where it was rumored that certain employees would hook up, and it became a joke where this one guy would always ask me to go to the storage unit with me. I didn’t get it at first, but later I thanked myself for declining his offer once I got the hint.

After a while I got tired of working for a boss who loathed females. I got a job waitressing instead. It was at a local diner and I swear all the managers were crackheads, but I still enjoyed their company. Most of the time that is. It was owned by a Greek family, so almost all the managers were Greek. All the waitresses were white females, except for Jordan the lightskin, and Bill the white man. Literally all the kitchen workers were Spanish guys from El Salvador, and they hit on literally every single employee to the point where it just got sad. The dishwashers were all Spanish as well, but they were females. I feel like I always end up working for employers who are racist/sexist in some way or another.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back, nobody fucks me as good as Rob does. I’ll come back as many times as he or you guys would like me to.

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