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Photographer’s comments about Alexis’ shoot:

Believe it or not, she is getting married; and one of the things she wanted to try out was to shoot adult. Her fiancee is quite a nice guy, and very down to earth, and they both seem to live in a good, positive relationship. So we set up a shoot, and as she is local it was easier for her to come down and try out FTV for the day. She came with a cute outfit, more her style of wear than FTV style, but very cute on her — the seethrough corset top, miniskirt and boots. We went right out to a tourist locale and started shooting, teasing and such; she has that very pretty face and those big brown doe-eyes (probably thanks to the filipina side) and of course, that perfect tattoo-free naturally perfect body. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such perfect round breasts in years. They are literally perfect. Lots of teasers and her showing off perfection, then back home to masturbate. She can get off through her fingers, so we did that at start, then move on to the Magic Wand for a stronger orgasm. We get pretty closeups of her privates, then I tested her out to see how she would do with the Big Ten. Bigger than what she is used to, but still doable, she warms up to it, and eventually does take it down super deep, pretty much taking the entire 10 inches! Also got some good secondary camera views of her dancing, as well as masturbating/riding. More to come of her on her second shoot day.

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