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Adriana’s comments about her shoot:

im 19 but i think i look more mature maybe because im taller than most people my age. i really wanted to try somethin like this but i didnt know how to start so i would do snapchat and make money like that. i live with my sister in detroit but im from kentucky originaly. i didnt get along with my stepparents and stepsisters and my sister had a better job here. i make all my money doing the snapchat and facetime which helps pay my rent and food. guys seem to like my look and so i can make money from that but im not dating any guys just nobody around here thats actually nice. doesnt mean that i dont get to have sex once in a while though and enjoy fuking just dont want attachment. i would date someone like the guy i was working with though on this shoot hes nice and fucks well. i also got to stay at a nice place. after this shoot which is my begining ill be doing more and ill see if i enjoy it and make more money. i had a lot of fun so far and the masturbating and fucking was all very much my thing. i didnt know i could fist myself which was cool to look at in the videos it looks hot and my favorite thing was the modeling shots since i always wanted to do real modeling and now i can. sorry if i cant do any makeup i never knew how so my modeling is without makeup.

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