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Photographer’s comments about her shoot:

When we’re introduced to Aali we’re treated immediately to a sensual breast massage and we note how incredibly erect and pert her nipples are…and it quickly turns into a masturbation session as she rubs herself in bed with her fingertips! We also note traces of pearly white breast milk on her nipples as she plays and it is clear that Aali is lactating in this shoot. Next we see her with a black magic wand type vibrator, spreading her legs on the bed and using the toy to stimulate her sensitive clitoris until it brings her to a strong shuddering orgasm with visible contractions! After that we see her having changed into lacy sheer white lingerie and wielding a large magic wand, hopping up on the kitchen counter with her very shapely breasts popping out of her top, using the toy to buzz her privates right through the thin fabric of her panties and again we note pearls of milk lactating from her nipples. After the panties come off we see her masturbating above the sink, and we see her milky wetness as she uses the toy and has another nice orgasm (even using her own milk as lube for a kinky twist). Next she gives us a tour of her breasts, talking about their development and using coconut oil to massage herself as well as using an ice cube to rub her nipple. Afterwards is a milk parade as we see her lactate onto the camera lens, squirting onto a glass wall and of course all over herself! After a brief rest we see her meeting the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, using it to tickle her erect nipples first – we note the stimulation makes her lactate freely again – and then taking off her panties to vibrate her milky pink privates as well for a long masturbation session, culiminating in yet another strong orgasm. To finish off the day we see her outside doing a little public flashing, lifting up her skirt to show she wasn’t wearing panties and tugging down her top to reveal those perfect breasts. She does some public nudity play with rubbing, enjoying the excitement of being out in the open, then uses her breast milk to spray one of the office windows! After one last orgasm, this one in public using her fingertips, she bids us goodbye…Aali is a beautiful and extremely sexual woman who loves sharing her fun with us, in this very kinky lactation-rich shoot here on FTV Girls!

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