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Taylor’s comments about her shoot:

I’m very excited to be a part of FTVGirls! I’ve always visited the website and there’s other models who have told me about it but I just needed that push to try it out! It was both Mila and Sage who told me some good things and justified my choice to go for it! I stayed at a nice place, got really gorgeous photos, and the people working for the site are really nice. I brought a bunch of dresses like they had asked for, and we picked out a couple that they liked the best. I should have brought more shoes but didn’t realize it was as important. It was pretty neat how we went to some beautiful places and I could be frisky about it which gives me a fun rush. Its also great when you get paid to masturbate! I had all my own toys I bought just for the shoot so I hadn’t tried any of them out yet but its like opening up fun new presents for myself and trying them out.

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