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Isabel’s comments about her shoot:

Hi ya’ll! I’m Isabel Love, and I’m a fun-loving spirit based out of the Pacific Northwest. Yogi and movement lover, so I spend a good amount of time upside down. Handstands and coffee are a bit of an addiction. In my free time I love to be outdoors in nature, whether it’s the coast or mountains or anywhere in between. I’m a crafty person and crochet all sorts of goodies, as well as paint. Summer is my favorite season, I love warm weather and a good sundress. I’m half Asian and love cooking traditional Chinese food – especially family recipes! I’m a dog mama, and my German Shepard Husky mix is a total babe. She stole my heart when I got her as a puppy, and 6 years later she’s still my baby. I speak 3 languages and love learning new phrases when I travel to different countries. Oh, and I definitely have a nerdy side – I love reading and a good bookstore!

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