Myra and Mila

Photographer’s comments about this shoot: So this was in the works for a while, and I insisted that if the two girls were going to meet for a girl-girl, they would need to make sure they have short fingernails — and you know why. It’s rare for me to shoot gg with a pair that has never met, usually they are real life friends/lovers, but they are a nice match […]


Mila Part 4

Mila’s notes on her shoot: As a trade, I got my uncle’s place in Tuscon as a place we could use to do the shoot. I had the early morning to myself and got some coffee and uber eats until the photographer came around 930am. I’m an early riser and since I’m from the east coast I was up at 7am to get ready. I layed out some of my […]


Mila Part 3

Mila’s comments about her shoot: Thanks for having me back. It’s been my favorite website to work for and I really love the pictures afterwards. The photographer sends me a dropbox and lets me use them for anything I want. I promised to get my fingernails off so I can do that fisting scene he wanted and I brought a lot of winter themed dresses but we only used the […]


Mila Part 2

Mila’s comments about her shoot: It is so nice to be in warm weather, we’ve has some major frigid weather lately in Virginia. I’m very close to Washington D.C. and the cold has already set in. Even though I’m only here in AZ for two days, I’m loving the fact that I can get naked without feeling a chill. I brought a ton of cute clothes to shoot in and […]



Mila’s comments about her shoot: Hi, I’m originally from El Salvador, but I also am half Native American. I moved from El Salvador when I was very young, like about 6 and we were in a mostly white neighborhood in Virginia. My father still lives in El Salvador, so I don’t see him much. For high school I was one of only five Hispanic students! I can speak Spanish of […]



Mila’s comments about her shoot: Hello! My name is Mila Monet and I’m from the Mid-west. I like to go out with friends in my free time and have lots of fun. I love to travel and go to new places and see new things, meet different people. I grew up in a big family with so many siblings I lost count! I have some pets, I love kitties and […]