Veronica’s Comments About Her Shoot: My name is veronica… I am 22 and from virginia. I am a webcam model on myfreecams and I am just now dipping my toes into solo/softcore porn. I have always been very sexually expressive but growing up in a small, conservative town it was definitely looked down on. I think sexuality is such a huge and important part of the human experience and I […]



Gina’s Comments About Her Shoot: Hey, a Floridian here moving from the east coast to the west coast to escape that crazy humidity! Also I’m ready to move on from the boyfriend I was seeing who was a club promoter and start a new life in california. I was doing online webcam stuff when I turned 18 and I think its time I tried out real porn. I love masturbating […]


Presley Dawson aka Jody

Presley Dawson’s Comments About Her Time on FTV Girls as Jody : I was born in Wisconsin, just my young mother and I alone as she struggled through school. My mother has become my motivation to succeed in life, because she taught me that you really can do anything and there is always an exception to the rule. She taught me never to settle and that you don’t need to […]