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Aella’s comments on her shoot:

Thanks for having me guys. I was a little nervous about what to expect when I arrived and was pleasantly surprised when the photographer was really nice and I stayed at a beautiful house. I was exhausted though my flight was 8 hours and there were delays. I got to sleep in a little bit and had all the clothes ready when he came back next morning. The clothes I bought were things I thought the photographer would like and he did like the pink flower romper and the shiny tan dress. I got some heels too that fit both. Fucking my heels was interesting to say the least! I thought the dildo would be too big to fit but it did. It made me sore from using it for too much and it is so long I could feel it pressing against something in me that would get uncomfortable if I rode it too deep. Also anal isn’t my thing really. I did it once in my personal life and I said never again! But I really enjoyed the vibrator which is much much better than what I have at home. I also enjoyed doing the public nudity, I thought I would. The money I made doing this shoot is definitely better than $17 an hour working at a FedEx store!

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