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Vanessa’s comments about her shoot:

Hi! So I know I’m probably awkward on camera but I’ve never really done anything like this even though I’ve always wanted to. I was very excited to start and the reason why I started with this website was from recommendation from some people and the PICTURES of COURSE! The photographer is supposedly very brilliant and has some really good skills with a professional camera, not a cell phone photographer. Anyway, about me: I’m half Japanese, half black/white. I know, people always think I’m hispanic or indian. Nope. The black gives me a nice natural tan and a nice booty and tits and the Japanese side keeps me skinny without me having to do much for it. My girlfriends are always jealous. But I don’t eat that much and I prefer low carb foods and fish. Not much of a red meat eater. I’ve worked several jobs in the service industry mostly as a waitress or hostess. But it was never that great and so many times I either got hit on by the guys and the women were just mean to me. So it was NOT fun. It’s after all these shitty jobs and covid making things more difficult that I finally decided I’d like to try porn after all. I’m a sexual person and I think it will work out well. I just haven’t had sex with many guys or girls yet but I’m willing to try.

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