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Scarlett’s comments about her shoot:

Yeah its true, the blue dress was my high school graduation dress that my mom got for me and it still fits the same. She doesnt know what I’m doing with it now though! I really felt naughty wearing the butt plug while modeling and I liked it! Not a sexual thing but just superfun to do. I like wearing hemp wedges too makes my feet look pretty. Ive gotten so good with my butt muscles I can push the butt plug out without using my hands now! That glass toy was tough but I took the challenge and did it. The blue toy was easier and fun. I think the toughest part really was Rob’s hand where he almost fisted me in the ass. That was craaaaay way over the top. But now that I think of it, maybe the watersports thing has it beat. The vagina feeling was fun and I don’t know it just kept giving me laughing fits. But in the butt it started filling up my belly almost like I was a little pregnant! I was squirting out of both my holes for like an hour afterwards! I guess I was clean inside and out after that hehe

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