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Photographer’s comments about Marie’s update:

Marie ended up contacting a talent agent which then set her up with FTV. No shyness with her; she likes her long skinny figure, and she enjoys dressing up for the camera as well. From a small midwest town, she wanted to get out and start a modeling career in adult. Her parents supposedly found out about her decision, but she’s going through with it anyway. We start with a cute tight top and bottom showing off that slim figure, teasers at a resort, then some self-warmup with nice closeups of her clitoris. After a dancing scene/stripdown and peeing, I let her do her thing with the Magic Wand. It brings her to two orgasms with visible vaginal contractions (fortunately the second one happened just before the dog bark startled her). We went straight to the Big Ten next, and she takes it surprisingly deep, pounding rather hard and enjoying it. On the counter, she takes it even deeper, past 9 inches, explaining where she feels it in her tummy. Get some good gaping video as well. We wanted to do a tennis scene, but nobody to play with her, so it just became a teaser, and it leading to further masturbation at another resort. She ends up have a nice strong orgasm with a portable vibrator (very visible vaginal contractions) then stuffs it in her and does a pee scene. Back home, its time to see how extreme she can go, and does the Big Red Dildo, which completely fills her up (notice how that air gets pushed out of her vagina when its pushed back in doggy style). Then another masturbation with the Magic Wand, and her having a strong orgasm around that big dildo. Lastly, I challenge her to fisting, and she managed to deep fist, and seemingly getting off with it too. Some nice gaping to finish the shoot.

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