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Madi’s comments about her shoot:

Hey guys, it’s good to be back! I had one of the best days ever today and i want to share it with you! I was in the industry for a year from 18-19 took a break because i was in a very serious toxic relationship.It was my first boyfriend and it didnt end well. My nana passed in Feb and i’ve had a little bit of time to find myself and now i’m back! Im now into anal and different fetishes, my list just keeps getting longer! I/ve missed the industry so much and so thankful to be in it! i love getting naked and cumming,its my favorite thing to do! I always have so much fun on all my sets!I’m currenty doing solo,fetish and g/g but you never know about guys 😉 anyways its good to be back! love ya’ll! Sorry about my cut today! I was trying to cut a ham for christmas, but i cut myself instead LOL. Its my birthday tomorrow and i turn 24. Blessed to be here! This year has been crazy but getting to do porn makes me feel less lonley and bored from covid! I’m so excited for my future i have no plans on leaving the industry any time soon! I love my pomeranian Toby and my F150. i love to dance and play music loud on my speaker when im by myself, i love using my new cordless magic wand! I know have a stripper pole in my room so ive been learning new tricks,trial and error but it’s really helping with my muscles and body! i hated the gym so now im pole dancing i can still get exercise in and take toby for walks 🙂 I love Suzuki, my dad sold them for decades so hes taught me how to ride and now im on my way on getting a sportsbike. I feel more mature now, more happy and learning to be a better person in this world!

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