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Giulia’s comments about her shoot:

I love sex and camming but drawing and occasionally painting is how I express myself. I love to turn on the music and just let my mind flow, drawing whatever pops into my head first. Painting is like that too but much more visceral. I can dip a brush in paint, throw it onto a canvas, and create an image around that. I’m very shy about that stuff so I don’t really show them to anyone.

When I’m not working or watching copious amounts of movies I like to go outside as well, usually in woodsy areas, and wander around. I guess you call that hiking. I’m naturally thin and curvy so I don’t need exercise (that metabolism tho), but I do try to work out a few times a week to keep my tummy toned and my booty round. I don’t play video games much but when I do it’s usually simulation based or something really cutesy and calming like Stardew Valley.

My cam viewers describe me as charming, witty, and cute but on the inside I feel more like a snail. Slow and leaves behind slime. Watch me cumming and you’ll know what I mean. I also enjoy post-modern literature on occasion. Right now I enjoy busy cities but I think my goal in life is to have a giant secluded cabin in the woods somewhere. And that’s Giulia for ya.

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